super foam

2 x impact absorbtion

Best Pitch Award​

Super Foam wins the best pitch award at the Inland Empire Innovation Summit at the Riverside Convention Center on 23 April 2024

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Vision Statement:
To revolutionize comfort and sustainability through innovative foam solutions, enhancing everyday experiences worldwide.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to engineer high-quality foam products that prioritize comfort, durability, and environmental responsibility. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, we aim to exceed customer expectations, empower diverse industries, and foster a greener future for future generations.


Super Foam’s unique semiclosed cell microstructure mitigate impact twice as much.


The unique microstructure makes Super Foam lighter increasing its range of applications.


Super Foam does not use heat or any nasty chemical binders in the manufacturing process.

useful for absorbing energy

Polyurea foams are useful for absorbing energy and lessening the severity of impact loads in nearly any application.. Developed at San Diego State University in Southern California, Super Foam’s super secret is protected by a patent.

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